Man Cave Ideas on a Budget

We hear it asked often: “What are some easy ways to create a man cave on a budget?” Thankfully, it doesn’t take too much to define a space of your own for a few bucks. With a few special items you can take a basement from average to awesome without spending much.


1. Consider the space around you as an asset.

As we’ve said before, there are several important DOs and DONTs when designing a space. Hopefully, if you’re considering how to create a man cave on a budget, you already have a space in mind. Don’t downplay the role of space in the design of a man cave or the value it provides.


2. Sports team signs make an affordable addition.

There’s really no more cost-effective way to add some spirit to a room than by adding your favorite team to the walls! NFL-themed man cave signs are inexpensive and create a warm, friendly atmosphere that most other more expensive additions just can’t touch.

Street Signs NFL Man Cave Kingdom

3. Banners and pennants add an old-school look on the cheap.

Similar to street signs, banners and sports pennants are a great way to create a “manly” space on a budget. Plus, they add the retro-vibe that so many people strive for when designing a new space for their man cave. Who knows, you might even have a few old pennants from high school laying around? Hang ‘em up!


Man Cave Banners   Man Cave Kingdom

What have you used to outfit your man cave on a budget? These are just a couple ideas to get your gears turning, so let us know if you’ve found a great way to add spirit to a room without spending too much!

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  1. Karan Cairo says:

    Impressing! you just gave me an idea what to do and how to design my son’s room.

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